The First Contact []

When you are a science student, you don't believe in the supernatural. But sometimes you change your mind. These two sexy female coeds were working on their paper on lifeforms of the distant future when one suddenly appeared in their room! Looks like a lot of things were different - but not the carnal things. The weird creature kept thrusting its boner into the girls' holes for hours!

Number Comics: 25

The Lord of the Kink []

The tall, strong, curvy beauty got captured by a filthy monster and taken to its dark dungeon. Her party could continue their journey and this brought her some peace. Well, good, because there was not much peace to be found where she was! The filthy creature suspended her upside down and rubbed its enormous cock all over her till it covered the poor girl in spicy sticky cum.

Number Comics: 28

Indian Legend [anaglyph] []

Pacahontus heard about the curse, but she has never seen what happens when a fellow Indian gets possessed by the werewolf spirit. Well, she found out all right when she was least expecting it. One night she was talking to her lover and then suddenly something scary happened and put her into total daze. The man transformed into a werewolf, a big, horny one - and fucked Pacahontus rough and raw!
You can view in 3D glasses.

Number Comics: 25

Hidden Feature []

They were the first family to purchase this brand new robot - very helpful around the house, the manual said. It did not mention anything about the robot getting horny and fucking the man's wife right in front of him! The slut was so into it she loved every second of being impaled on the machine's huge hard shaft. Who knew this metal thing would be such a great lover?

Number Comics: 26

Furry Witch Shrine [anaglyph] []

First he was scared a bit, then he was slightly shocked, and then he got strangely and massively aroused. This is what happened to the wandering warrior when he saw the fur-covered witch make sacrifices to her dark deities. The fur covering her curves was glistening and her hole was soaked with lust. The two got completely lost in each other fucking right on the shrine of the furry witch.
You can view in 3D glasses.

Number Comics: 26

Hunter Got Humped [anaglyph] []

After the meltdown, Paris was a rough place. Still, she had to do what had to be done. She was a mutant hunter, ready for anything - anything but a massively hung and super horny mutant. No luck shooting it, so she decided to neutralize the danger by fucking it. Watch the crazy hunter milk the monster's shiny, spiky schlong in this insane episode!
You can view in 3D glasses.

Number Comics: 26

Godlike Fuckers [anaglyph] []

Heracles also tried to defeat Medusa - but in his very own way. Apparently her gaze did turn him to stone, but only partly. It was his big heavy cock that turned to stone when the hero saw the tight-bodied monster and her strangely appealing curves. Their battle turned to raw kinky sex almost right away. Soon both were spent, but Medusa knew Heracles would be back soon.
You can view in 3D glasses.

Number Comics: 25

Space Pioneers []

Their mission was to find new habitable planets and give birth to new life there. The journey was so long so they thought, why not start doing it right now? The big bear-like creature wrapped its strong paws around the slim, sexy Foxy and her scent drove him insane. Watch him fuck her into the deck of their spaceship, ramming his thick dick into her from all angles and splashing her with precious seed.

Number Comics: 27

Jungle Explorer []

Damn that jungle heat. She was used to it, but one day it got particularly unbearable. She slept outside her tent - and that's where the jungle got her. The creature she had captured earlier broke free. The monkey man growled and roared as its unnaturally big shaft was ripping her tight black ass in two halves. The weirdest thing? She loved every second of it! Her mission just started.

Number Comics: 29

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