Personal Hell [anaglyph] []

Sinners go to hell, and this particular sinner went to a very particular kind of hell. She was doomed to serve a demon and a dominatrix for all eternity to come! The dominatrix would tramp her naked body, make her worship her feet, and make the slut do a myriad of other humiliating things she enjoyed so much with her countless lovers on earth. But this time, this is never going to end!

Number Comics: 30

Caught in Stocks []

If the King unleashed his executioner on you, it meant there was no hope. Not unless you pleasure the monstrous creature in some new special way! Watch as the silly elf gets her neck, arms and ankles caught in rough wooden stocks as the massive creature uses all openings on her body for rough bondage sex. Her juices mixed with his bubbling cum as he roared and glazed her all over.

Number Comics: 32

Hunter Got Humped

After the meltdown, Paris was a rough place. Still, she had to do what had to be done. She was a mutant hunter, ready for anything - anything but a massively hung and super horny mutant. No luck shooting it, so she decided to neutralize the danger by fucking it. Watch the crazy hunter milk the monster's shiny, spiky schlong in this insane episode!

Number Comics: 26

Wet Sex Affair []

Angelina was having a soak all by herself when she heard a strange noise. It was too late to do anything. The blue glowing figure was there. Before Angelina could even open her mouth, the big, strong, horny creature took control over her soft, soaked body. The creature took turns eating her out with its electrical tongue and boning her tight hole with its big, hard, pulsing otherworldly cock.

Number Comics: 32

Interspecies Romance []

Who said different species can't get it on? They can, as long they are both furry - and horny! The tall beautiful tiger-like hottie got all her openings explored and pleased by her big strong wolf-like lover. They forgot about everything and just kept doing it in the ancient gallery, the tiger riding the wolf's pulsing manhood. Watch the tiger winds her long sexy tail all around her lover!

Number Comics: 25

Winged Guard [anaglyph] []

The legends spoke of vicious, merciless harpies guarding the treasure. He was prepared to slay as many of them as needed. But it turns out it was not his soul that they wanted. That winged creature was horny for his big hard dick! He grabbed her by her wings, she grabbed him by his massive boner, and the sweaty battle began. Oh how insatiable this strange creature was!

Number Comics: 30

Vampire Initiation []

Other vampire hunters would just slay vampires and get the reward. But this crazy huntress, she was different. She would fight a vampire until it was helpless and weak, and then she would completely subdue it and use for her very own purposes. Watch her enjoy her prey trampling its hard vampire cock and making it worship her gorgeous feet. A glorious graveyard femdom sequence!

Number Comics: 30

Calling the Demon []

It was to be her most daring summoning ritual yet, summoning the demon of lust to help her control sinful mortals. A slight discrepancy in the spell made the terrifying demon figure leave its cage and slam its giant hot-as-lava shaft right into the witch's rear passage. Never before has sorcery cost the hapless slut her own tight butt! The demon just kept working the gaping hole.

Number Comics: 22

Favorite Movie []

Even when it was a fantasy movie, Emma's acting was always about keeping it real. Let's see how she handles something really raw and real here! As she was watching her favorite movie all alone, a mage from worlds beyond appeared and took instant liking to Emma's tight butt. You don't say no to a big strong bastard like this - but hey, Emma was loving the rough buttfucking in the end!

Number Comics: 30

Supernatural Madness []

Favorite place closed down, Hunk very angry! And what's better to do when you're angry, no, super-angry than some heated angry fucking. Thunderbolt has always been by Hunk's side. She was a trooper this time as well. Watch the tight sexy fox take every inch of crazy Hulk up her sore snatch, saving the city from total destruction. That giant green cock, it pretty much split the babe apart!

Number Comics: 38

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