The Sex Shop Story: Don't Toy With Dildos! [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

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The Sex Shop Story: Don't Toy With Dildos! [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

Two friends Taylor and Jen are enjoying a nice warm day. When things get hot and they start kissing right in the middle of the street, the girls notice a sex shop they have never seen before. Curious about what they could find in there, they decide to come inside, but there is no one to ask them what they would like to see. They keep looking around, touching the dildos and admiring the gear, when suddenly a crazy idea occurs to one of them: how about trying some of that stuff right there? When they are both naked and enjoying their hot session involving a strap-on dildo and a bench, the shop owner walks in and demands an explanation. Since there is nothing plausible the girls could say, the women names Vicky threatens to tell their parents unless they become her obedient slaves. The scared girls agree, and Vicky comes up with a nice way to punish them right in her sex shop, using her favorite sex gear.

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