The Monastery: How Stella Got In [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

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The Monastery: How Stella Got In [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

Once Stella's husband leaves for a business meeting, she has her lover Ulrich come over. They have a glass of red wine, chat and joke - the whole evening is ahead of them, and there is no need to worry about anything like Stella's husband coming back home earlier than planned. Ulrich, being into all kind of kinky stuff, makes Stella wear a collar and walk on her knees and hands like a dog - but this is by far not the end of it. Little by little, the woman takes liking to the unusual and sometimes cruel sex game, and is begging Ulrich for more. The young man uses everything he finds in the basement where he is having fun with his new lover - there is a bat that he is going to drive up her pussy, weights that he will tie Stella to, and what not. Some of Ulrich's ideas make Stella wish she was in some other place, while other ones get her very excited. Their sex games are in no way interrupted when Stella's husband suddenly shows up - as he prefers to watch them from the distance, thinking about a plan and intending to punish his promiscuous wife.

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