The Basement Mystery [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

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The Basement Mystery [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

While her husband is out, Carla goes down to the basement and discovers the dirty truth about Fred: he is into cruel sex games, and only god knows what kind of stuff happens in their basement. Carla finds proof all over the place, and to say she is shocked is to say nothing. Suddenly, her husband shows up accompanied by his friend Rick. Rick and Fred decide Carla knows enough to stay and please them both, so they rip off her clothes, and after whipping her properly make the woman suck their cocks and fuck her deep until she almost faints, begging them to carry on with their cruel but very arousing actions. Carla discovers a more passionate side of herself, and is made to apply all her skills for Fred and his guest to cum abundantly. There is a lot of pain and pleasure waiting for Carla, as the imagination of her torturers is endless.

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