Last Box of Cookies: Doug [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

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Last Box of Cookies: Doug [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

In this set of 3D cartoons we see a continuation of the story of Natalie - a young girl selling cookies that got trapped in a BDSM dungeon and was tortured by her mistress Beverly who enjoyed using different kind of equipment on her guest. When Beverly got tired and Natalie thought the moment when she would be released was close - there was another visitor that decided to join the party. With appearance of Doug Natalie realized her hope of being released was lost - and she was right. The man was there for anything but fooling around, and started his session with using a branding iron on Natalie's smooth skin, then whipping her into unconsciousness. All the exquisite tortures tried on Natalie were, however, just a preview of what was coming next.

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