Adelle's Submission experience. Part 2 [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

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Adelle's Submission experience. Part 2 [3Dbdsmdungeon.com]

Having found a perfect Mistress, Adelle is enjoying her company, especially when she's giving her some obedience training at lunchtime. One of those days, a friend of Beatrice (Adelle's Mistress) comes by hoping to have a romantic evening. Instead, he is up for a submission/domination surprise and gets a chance to take most active part in the action. Adelle once gain becomes a sex toy for pleasing the powerful Mistress and her guest. Adelle gets her share of humiliation by standing on her knees, as Beatrice and Jacques have a rest and discuss their plans. Then it's finally her time to suck cock, eat pussy and have her Mistress stimulate her erogenous zones, making sure her slave is not too happy with everything she's being done to. Adelle is getting the kick out of the process, pleasing Jacques with her insatiable mouth and obeying every word of her Mistress.

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