The Unexpected Roommate [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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The Unexpected Roommate [Ultimate3dporn.com]

On that evening Cathy was all by herself and not expecting any company. She had done all her homework and was just enjoying the view in the mirror - she had a very hot body and could spend hours just contemplating it like that. The girl was bored and the decision of playing with her favorite sex toy came naturally. But first things first - so she went to take a shower and couldn't resist masturbating there for just a bit to get ready for the dildo. When Cathy was in the middle of her sexual game someone knocked at the door - and Cathy had to interrupt the fun. It was her new roommate - Rachel, who seemed quite a grind. Since Cathy was still wearing nothing but a towel she went to change and imagine her surprise when she came back and saw her new roommate licking the dildo that she had been fucking herself with! But that was only the tip of the iceberg - her roommate turned out to be a lot more passionate and hungry for love than Cathy could imagine.

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