The Hotkiss Boarding School Part 3 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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The Hotkiss Boarding School Part 3 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

Being a student of one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country - the Hotkiss, Patricia always had a lot of studying to do and too little time to rest, so one evening when all of her roommates were already asleep she decided to take a hot shower. There was no one there, so the girl got undressed and after contemplating herself in the mirror got into the shower cabin. As she was enjoying the hot streams of water pouring down her impeccable body Patricia thought she might as well masturbate and fantasize about stuff she had in mind. Patricia was too absorbed with fingering herself and massaging the clitoris to notice a visitor who decided to join the girl in her sexual games. When Patricia noticed she was not alone - it was too late, and she understood she would have to do everything she was told.

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