The Hotkiss boarding school Part 2: The Librarian [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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The Hotkiss boarding school Part 2: The Librarian [Ultimate3dporn.com]

This set of 3D porn cartoons continues the saga of the «Hotkiss boarding school», and this time Tanya - the student who recently arrived - gets to hear the story of another roommate of hers, Jenny. Before everything happened Jenny was quite a timid girl, who nevertheless enjoyed having fun with her girlfriends and didn't care too much about her studies. One night when she thought no one would bother her she went to the library to get ready for a serious exam. Suddenly, the door opened and there was Ms. Lewis - their librarian, a very strict and incredibly hot woman wearing the sexiest outfit ever. She seemed pretty pissed to see someone in the library so late, but then her anger suddenly transformed into a different feeling - lust.

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