The Hotkiss boarding school [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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The Hotkiss boarding school [Ultimate3dporn.com]

Tanya was been sent to one of the most reputable schools in the country - the Hotkiss boarding school, to make sure she would become a brilliant student and will then follow in her parents' footsteps. When she arrived Tanya realized there were too many things going on behind the closed doors of this educational institution - and in order to succeed you needed to be a real nympho! Her roommates - three pretty girls in unusually short skirts - decided to introduce the newbie to the rules by which the whole school lived, and Teresa - the blonde girl - shared her story first. It all started when she came to class of her new teacher Mr. Harrison. A respectable man in his thirties who was supposed to teach her math was more eager to teach her other, dirtier things.

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