Steamy Encounter: Tina and Aaron. Episode 1 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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Steamy Encounter: Tina and Aaron. Episode 1 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

When curious cheerleaders start going into men's locker rooms - any guys intending to take a shower had better be careful! One day a captain of the basketball team after an intense game was going to take a shower. Aaron thought he was all alone, and there wasn't anyone in the locker room either, so he just let himself fully relax. Little did he know, there was a cute female cheerleader watching him take off his pants, and she was greatly impressed by the view of his big black cock. Tina was not the shyest girl you have ever seen - so she did not hesitate for too long before taking the first step. All she had to do was take off her cheerleading outfit and invite herself to the cabin where Aaron was enjoying the hot streams of water running down his muscular body.

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