Kind of Naive Lulu. Part 2 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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Kind of Naive Lulu. Part 2 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

Say hello to young Lulu, exchange student from France, again! Lulu's stunning naivety led her to breathtaking adventures again! Needing money our beauty starts selling subscriptions to science magazines. Lulu appears to be a very successful door-to-door salesman! Do you want to know why? That's because Lulu actually fucks people to get them subscribed! And Lulu does it so well that old Mr. and Mrs. Vinehouse, for instance, are very grateful to her for amazing Friday evening, full of lust and patience and they eagerly give her lots of money for the magazines they don't need at all!! Don't you hope to see sweet Lulu on the front steps of your house?

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