Euro Trip: Arrival. Part 1 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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Euro Trip: Arrival. Part 1 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

Cathy, Nadia and Rachel decide to travel during their summer break. What is the best way to spend a couple of weeks for three American girls? Of course it's travelling - and this is what the girls do. They take a trip to Europe and stop in Paris for several days. They arrive to their hotel that they booked at a pretty cheap price and are very surprised to find out it looks like a real castle with high ceilings and exquisite design. The girls are offered a better room and they take it without thinking about the possible reasons for such a generous gesture. When the manager leaves, having showed the girls to their rooms, they get drunk and start making out. Meanwhile, they are being sold though a private auction where the bids are very high. The girls are purchased by three different people, each one of them with their own sexual fantasies that will be implemented.

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