Alicia in the wonderland. Part 1 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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Alicia in the wonderland. Part 1 [Ultimate3dporn.com]

Alicia was a well-behaved girl who enjoyed reading and always escaped from home once in a while. She especially appreciated those moments of loneliness as she would always bring one of her mother's dirty books - and could just get carried away by the romantic love affairs described in detail. She had her favorite secluded corner in the neighbors' garden - it was great because Alice enjoyed playing with herself - and that was exactly what she was going to do on that hot summer day. She brought her favorite book and after reading about the passionate love of the protagonists decided to take a nap. Alice could never expect to be woken up by something she had only read about - something that made her pussy water and her breasts become tense and yearn for attention.

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