A generous tip [Ultimate3dporn.com]

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A generous tip [Ultimate3dporn.com]

When a married couple gets to the hotel suite, Roger heads directly for the shower, while his gorgeous young wife Daphna decides to try on her new lingerie set. As she is admiring herself in the mirror, running her fingers along the curvy lines of her young boy, two porters walk in wondering where they should put their luggage. Instead of giving a tip and letting them go, Daphna has a much brighter idea: she makes it clear for her unexpected visitors she wouldn't mind them taking her lingerie off and fucking her right in the middle of the suite. There is nothing else she needs to say, and in a few minutes Daphna is all over their cocks, riding one and sucking the other. This is when her husband walks in, completely unexpected for the carriers and very much anticipated by the wife. Everybody except for Daphna is shocked, while the slut is getting ready for an enjoyable cock rodeo in front of her old faithful husband.

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